AirPod, AirPod Pro, AirPod Max will not support Apple Music Lossless Audio

Apple Announced Lossless Audio to Apple Music. They’re lossless audio files going to be encoded as Apple Lossless Audio Codec  files, and there will be two options, one is lossless audio which has quality ranging from 16-bit 44.1 kHz playback to 24-bit 48 kHz playback, and the second one is Hi-Res Lossless Audio which has 24-bit 192 kHz quality.

Image: Apple

AirPods, AirPod Pro, AirPod Max on the other hand are limited to  the Bluetooth AAC codec when they’re paired with an iPhone, meaning that they are not able to stream Lossless Audio files.

And Apple did not mention AirPods Compatibility to stream lossless audio files, and Apple said iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV can stream lossless audio. Even though Apple didn’t mention Apple HomePod is also compatible with lossless audio streaming 

Apple’s lossless audio is compressed less and offers a more accurate version of the studio recording process, For songs that sound as the artist intended.

To listen to Hi-Res Audio you need a USB digital to analog converter or smaller equipment. Listening to Hi-Res Audio on an iPhone will require wired headphones and maybe you might need to buy an extra dongle to get the best sound quality.

And AirPods, AirPods Max‌, and ‌AirPods Pro ‌are not going to support lossless audio but they will support spatial audio with Dolby Atmos.

And apple is not going to charge you extra for this new lossless audio feature. So new and current subscribers will get these features for $ 9.99 (individual) per month, $ 4.99 (student), or $ 14.99 (family) per month.

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