Apple Agrees to Multimillion-Dollar Settlement After iPhone Repair Technicians Post a student’s Private Photos Online

According to a post from Telegraph, Apple agreed to pay millions of dollars to a  year old college girl because iPhone technicians shared her nude photos and videos from her iPhone that she sent to repairs to the internet.

This has happened back in 2016 at an iPhone repair place run by apple supplier Pegatron in California. And this college girl sent her iPhone to this facility to fix it after it had stopped working. Legal document defines that while the phone was being fixed, technicians posted 10 photos of this girl in “various stages of undress and sex video.” To her Facebook page making it look like she shared these photos by herself.

The photos were removed after one of her friends notified her.

the report doesn’t say the exact amount Apple paid to that girl. But the report outlines a “multimillion-dollar” settlement, and it also describes that the costume’s lawyers requested 5 million of dollars during negotiation talks. and the lawyers also threatened to sue apple for invasion of privacy and “infliction of emotional distress.”  

Lawyers for the victim had threatened to sue for invasion of privacy and infliction of emotional distress, and had warned of the “negative media publicity” that would accompany a lawsuit. The settlement included a confidentiality provision that prevented her from discussing the case or revealing the size of the payout.

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