Apple discontinues the original HomePod, will focus more on HomePod Mini

Apple is discontinuing the original HomePod. On Apple’s website, you will see a message “While supplies last” on the product page. For some regions, it is already unavailable.

Apple still didn’t announce that they are going to replace the original homepod with another product or not.

The original HomePod was first released back in 2018. And it’s got some good reviews for its sound quality and build quality, especially considering its size. And the Reviewers don’t care that much about the $349 introductory price, the poor experience of using Siri compared to other voice assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa, and also the restrictions on playing music from other music streaming services like Spotify and Amazon Music, aside from the apple music.

From then, Apple dropped its price to a more affordable $299 and continued to improve the HomePod through the software updates. And after all that efforts, the original HomePod was never a huge seller. The average consumer still not gonna spend $299 on a smart speaker when there are much cheaper alternative smart speakers on the market.

Then Apple released HomePod Mini last year at just $99. Even if it’s small HomePod Mini Still Gives You a good sound quality to its size and it also has a much better feature set than the original HomePod had at launch. It seems to be most people don’t really care about the sound quality of a smart speaker, as can be seen from the growing sales of more cheap wireless speakers and soundbars

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