BMW is now a SaaS company.(Heated Seats as a Service) 😆


BMW is now selling a subscription to heat your seats as a monthly or yearly subscription. This subscription is available in a number of countries, and it is the most recent example of the use of microtrastraction in BMW’s higher-end vehicles.

The company offers three major subscription plans. You can heat up your front seats by paying $18 a month or $180 for a year; three years for $300; and you can get unlimited access for $415.

There’s no clear evidence about when or where this feature started to roll out as a subscription, but a number of outlets are reporting this feature started to roll out in Korea.

Since 2020, BMW has been offering features in its higher-end vehicles as subscriptions, and the heated seats subscription is now available in a number of countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, New Zealand, and South Africa. This subscription service doesn’t seem to be available in the US yet.

When you are buying a new car, you have to spend more for the high-end features, but that’s reasonable because it’s hardware, but when it comes to the software, some software features, like automated traffic camera alerts, charging a subscription seems reasonable. Still, if you already own the feature and you have to pay extra to unlock it, this doesn’t seem like a reasonable thing to do.

BMW is charging customers for features that used to be included in the purchase price of its vehicles. The company is now offering subscriptions for features like heated steering wheels at $12/month and the option to record footage from your car’s cameras at $235/unlimited. The “IconicSounds Sport package” will allow you to play engine sounds inside the cabin for a one-time fee of $117.

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