Critical Thinking: Are Some People Having The Vaccines For Protection And Slowly Killing Themselves?

Critical Thinking: Are Some People Having The Vaccines For Protection And Slowly Killing Themselves?

Most likely, someone will live in a country where a vaccine is seen as the best way for them to protect themselves from the virus. Or to be more accurate, it is seen as the only way for them to do this.

Also, it wouldn’t be right to say that they will just need one vaccine, as there will be a number of them to have, along with booster shots. So, as soon as they think that they are fully protected, it is unlikely to be long until a new one is introduced.

A Way of Life

As a result of this, it wouldn’t be illogical to suggest that they could end up needing to have these vaccines for the rest of their life. Still, as this will be seen as what will allow them to stay alive, it probably won’t be seen as a problem.

There is the chance that most of the people in their life will be happy to go along with this too. Along with this, they may be happy to go into isolation whenever there is a new variant.

One Focus

If, according to the experts who they see on TV and hear from on the radio, for instance, this is the only way for them to look after their health, they won’t need to do anything else. So, apart from wearing a mask at certain times and being in isolation at others, for instance, this will be it.

Now, one way of looking at this would be to say that this shows how effective the vaccine is. Another way of looking at it would be to say that this is a very lopsided approach and overlooks so many other factors that need to be taken into consideration.

The Saviour

It could be said that illustrates that the vaccine has been elevated to such a high position, with it being portrayed as a panacea. To elevate it to this position can be seen as a sign of childlike thinking and a consequence of what takes place when someone is in a fearful state and is, thereby, unable to think clearly.

What is clear is that due to what is going on, someone needs to take care of their immune system. Each vaccine has been designed to boost it and, at the same time, there are still other ways for them to do this.

A Strange Scenario

But, if one has been conditioned to see a vaccine as their saviour and their main source of information, the mainstream media, doesn’t mention that they need to do other things, let alone mention other solutions, this probably won’t occur to them. Consequently, they can be protecting their immune system by doing the ‘right’ thing and having each vaccine and also be doing things that are undermining their immune system.

For example, they could spend a lot of time consuming the mainstream media, live a highly stressful life, experience a lot of ‘negative’ feelings and have a diet that is loaded with sugar. Each of these things is likely to suppress their immune system and, thus, lessen their ability to protect themselves. But this won’t be something that even crosses their mind.

An Analogy

This is then similar to someone who believes that because they exercise, they can eat and drink whatever they want. In their eyes, exercising will allow them to burn off any excess calories that they consume and so it won’t matter.

The other ways that eating and drinking will undermine their body will be totally overlooked. Ultimately, exercise will be seen as something that allows them to cleanse their body of anything that is no good.

The Outcome

One can then be ‘boosting’ their immune system by having a vaccine and undermining their immune system thanks to an unhealthy lifestyle. And, at the same time, they can be overly concerned with getting the virus, often wear a mask and do what they can to avoid social settings.

Furthermore, they can accuse those who are not vaccinated and/or don’t wear a mask as being a threat to their health. This could be seen as an example of projection as they are accusing others of that which they are doing unconsciously.

Another Level

It might go even deeper than this, though, as the person who is having all the vaccines and is concerned about their life coming to an end, could unconsciously be killing themselves. What this comes down to is that they, along with every other human being, are a multi-faceted being.

Beyond the part of them gives them the need to protect themselves and talk about how important this is, can be a big part of them that no longer wants to be here. This part of them, a part that they are not consciously aware of, will cause them to engage in things that will actually undermine them.

A Closer Look

For example, they could generally eat food that is not good for them, overwork, have a number of abusive relationships and, therefore, deprive themselves of the nutrients that they need to survive, let alone thrive. This can be a way for them to punish themselves for what they believe that they deserve to suffer for.

Whatever this is, it will be outside of their conscious awareness and the end goal of this punishment will be to end their time on this planet – whilst causing themselves a lot of pain until that happens. What is going on within them, then, won’t be so strong that they will commit suicide, but it will be strong enough for them to slowly kill themselves.

Back In Time

What could be behind their need to die could be the experiences that they had during their early years and the meaning that they made or even before this, whilst they were in their mother’s womb. Whatever is behind this, it won’t be something that they are currently able to acknowledge.

Yet, even though it won’t be something that they are consciously aware of, it will still be having a massive impact on their life. For them to no longer punish themselves, they will need to step back and reflect, and to receive the right support.

Final Thoughts

It has been said that human beings are walking contradictions and this example certainly proves this. Taking this into account, someone can easily focus on the threat that is ‘out there’ and totally overlook the threats that are inside them.

If they are unconsciously undermining themselves, no matter how many vaccines they have, they are not going to be as strong as they would be otherwise. What this emphasises is how important it is for someone to have a good connection with their inner world and engage in self-reflection, as opposed to being totally attached to their mind and caught up in what is going on externally.

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