Download Google’s Smart Voice Recorder on Your Phone

How to download Google Pixel’s Voice Recorder on your Android Phone

Have you ever struggled to find the right part in a voice note or find the right voice record? What if that your voice recorder app in your phone can live transcribe and it can do that without needing an internet connection, that will be a pretty cool feature to have, well Google’s Voice Recorder app has the ability to live transcribe without an internet connection.

Google first release this smart Recorder app back in 2019 with the Pixel 4. It was a Pixel exclusive feature.

But as for now Google’s Voice recorder app only available on Pixel devices means that you can’t download it in the PlayStore like other apps unless you have a Pixel device. But one of the modders from XDA developers was able to extract the Google Voice Recorder from the latest Pixel and port it into almost every Android Smartphone that running Android 10 or newer version.

In order to install Google Voice Recorder app on your device,

Now you have to download the modded version of Google Voice Recorder. You can download the file from this link.

now open the Split APKs Installer and follow these steps.

find where you download the APKs file and select it then tap on intall

Follow the steps on the Screenshot, app will also ask some permissions while the setup process, and you need to allow them to install the app.

After that you will get a pop-up saying that the app was installed, now you can open and record voice notes with the live transcription support. Now you don’t have to struggle to find the correct voice note, you can just type a word and find your voice note.

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