Google is ending free unlimited photo storage next week – here’s what to do

As we all know, Google is shutting down their unlimited storage service for google photos in few days. So almost every google photos users going to lose their free storage feature. after June 1st your photos going to be backed up in to your free 15GB of cloud storage or you have pay for a Google One subscription for extra storage.

For non-pixel users, google let them upload their photos at high quality, which is sightly compressing the quality of your photo.

Google lets the Pixel users upload their photos on the Pixel at their original quality for free. But now Google is going to end that feature too. If you have a Google Pixel 2 your free storage service going to end on May 31st. If you have a Pixel 3 device, your free unlimited storage is ending on January 31st of 2022. Only the original pixel owners will get permanent access to upload their photos at original quality to Google photos.

To make it easier to release space, Google is additionally rolling out a replacement storage management tool within the app that sorts photos and videos into certain categories like “Large photos & videos” and “Blurry photos” — unfortunately, no duplicate remover yet. you’ll find it by tapping the profile picture and opening Account storage. Here you’ll also see a countdown clock (also available immediately on the web) estimating how long your current storage will last supported how often and the way much you copy .

Why you should stay with Google Photos.

Google photos app also has some cool features like face recondition, find photos by content or subject, find photos by place, auto-sharing by face recondition, easy to share your albums with others, and many more features. It uses machine learning and AI power to identify photos and categorize them, making it easier to find your favorite photos.     

Google One Membership is cheaper when comparing to other cloud storage services.

Google’s cloud storage service is more secure and reliable.

Google Photos Alternatives.

Yandex Disk Free Unlimited Storage for Your Photos

Yandex disk will provide you free unlimited storage for your Photos, it’s only applicable for photos because, for your videos, it’ll give you 10GB of limited storage to upload your Videos at their original quality. And you can upgrade this storage by upgrading to Yandex Disk premium plans.

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