How to get a free domain and hosting

How to get a free domain and hosting

How to get a free domain and hosting?

How to get a free domain and hosting? This is a burning problem among new people who hope to start a website. Here are many websites to buy the free domain for one year or a limited period. But you can not get TLD (TLD means top-level domain) without paying. It means you cannot get a free domain with top-level domain extensions like,


But, if you are a beginner to web designing?
Get a free domain. It is not a problem. You can get many features with a free domain too. You can manage your DNS easily.

  4. example.freenom

Where we can get a free domain easily?

Some recommended websites to get a free domain easily.

So if you hope to earn money with your website from any advertising network, You will face many issues with a free domain. Sometimes we cannot find solutions to them. So we recommend you try for a TLD if you hope to make money from your blog.

What about free hosting?

If you are a beginner to web designing the best and safest way is free hosting. There are many companies that provide free hosting services to beginners. But you can get a low disk space. But it is enough for a beginner.

But we will tell you a way to get a premium web hosting service ABSOLUTELY FREE for 12 months.

Google cloud hosting

  • Open google chrome browser.
  • Search for google cloud and click GCP FREE TIER.
  • Click on Get started for free. (you must already be logged into your Gmail account.)
  • Select your country, tick to terms & click Continue.
  • Choose your account type to individual.
  • Fill the form with your real name, address, city, postal code & phone number.
  • Give your bank details to payment methods. (don’t worry! no any changing from your need only to verify your account.)
  • Then click Start my free trial.
  • Click on the notification and activate your 300$ free credit.
  • Then click on Market place.
  • Go down and find Blog and CMS and click on WordPress by Bitnami.
  • Then click on Lunch on the computer engineering.
  • Then fill up the form.
  • Change the ZONE to Central-c.
  • Change machine type to Micro.
  • Change boot disk to SSD.

you can find your user name and password in the right side menu & your URL and admin area URL.(copy your password.)
Then click Log into the admin panel.

Give your user name & password & log to your WordPress dashboard.
Now you can see an IP address in the address bar. We must change it to our Domain name. So, to do it first we must make the IP address a static IP address.

⦁ Go to your google cloud account.
⦁ Click on the navigation menu and go down. When you find the VPC network, hover on it and click on EXTERNAL IP ADDRESS.

⦁ Now you can see your IP address. Change the type to static. Then give the domain to the name of the popup box & click Reserve. Now your IP is a static one. Let’s connect your domain to here.

  1. Go to the navigation menu and find NETWORK SERVICES, hover on it and click on cloud DNS.
  2. Click on Create Zone.
  3. Give zone name as your website name. Give your domain name to the DNS name. Then click on Continue.

Adding A name records.

We must add more two records.

  1. Click on Add recordset.
  2. Make record type to A.
  3. Give your static IP address to the IP address box.
  4. Then click CREATE.
  5. Click again on Add recordset.Make type to CNAME & give your website name to ###### name & click CREATE.
    Now we must change name servers. We can change and update it very easily & Quickly with CLOUD FLARE ACCOUNT.

If you do have not a Cloud flare account

  • Open your cloud flare account.
  • Verify your email and log in.
  • Go inside of your domain name.
  • Go into the DNS tab.
  • You can see DNS records in a table. Remove all of them one by one.
  • Next, go to the google cloud account and copy the first name server.
  • Click on Add record in cloud flare account and paste the nameserver to there.[Make type as NS.]
    [Make the name as @] and save it.
  • Copy all nameservers(4) to cloud flare like above.
  • After adding all nameservers, Change the NS settings TTL to 5 and TTL UNIT to minutes.
  • After that go to Cloudflare and choose type as A NAME and copy your static IP and paste it to the IP address box and save it.
  • Next change type CNAME and fill the name field with WWW and add your domain name to the target field & save it too.

So after that, wait a couple of minutes to update your nameservers.(Sometimes it will take like a half-hour.)
After a little time, you can type your domain in the address bar of your web browser and search. It will load your default WordPress website. Type as /wp-admin/ after your domain to log into the back end.

If your website shows the bitnami banner advertisement,
Go to your google cloud account find the computer engine in the navigation bar and go to VM instance. Click on SSH. It will open a coding window of your cloud computer.

Type this code in it and press enter.

sudo/opt/bitnami/apps/wordpress/bnconfig–disable_banner 1

So this is absolutely 100% correct & a free way to get a premium Webhosting from google cloud. So thank you for reading and understanding. If you faced a problem please contact us.

This is an essential part too. We must log in to the file system of our WordPress website. To learn how to do it step by step.

Open your web browser and search for PUTTY DOWNLOAD and go to
⦁ Click on download putty and download the free software suitable for an operating system type. (32 or 64 bit)
Then install the software and open PUTTY GEN in your start menu.

After opening it click on GENERATE. It will generate a key.
⦁ After generating the key fill the key comment field with a username.
⦁ And give a password & save it as the file name of PRIVATE.
⦁ Next copy the key and go to the computer engine tab in the navigation menu of the google cloud account and go to VM instance.
⦁ Click on WordPress.
⦁ Click on EDIT and go down &find the SSH key.
⦁ Click on show and edit.

⦁ Paste the key, go down and save it.
⦁ Then go back and go to SSH and open an ssh window.
⦁ Type in it this code and press enter.


Go down in it and go to under authentication and change the NO to YES. Next press CTRL+O on your keyboard. (in MAC OS -CMD+O)\

Then press CTRL+X and exit it.
Now we must restart SSH.So do it
type in SSH
sudo service ssh restart
Then press enter.
Now we must install a simple software called WinSCP (in mac os you can use Cyberduck)

⦁ Download WinSCP.
⦁ Open it.
⦁ Give your external IP address to hostname.
⦁ Keep port at 22.
⦁ Fill the user name field with your putty user name.
⦁ Then don’t type a password.Click on Advanced>advanced>Authentication>
⦁ Browse and select your key file and click OK.
⦁ Then save it.
⦁ Give your site name.
⦁ Then click log in.
⦁ Give your password.

Then you can connect to your server and manage your files.
Now you can access your website file management.

So this is absolutely 100% correct & a free way to get a premium Webhosting from google cloud. So thank you for reading and understanding. If you faced a problem please contact us.

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