IFF says Clubhouse collects excessive data, undermines user privacy

Live audio-based social platform Clubhouse became very popular since its release last year. Clubhouse is an invite-only App, and it earned millions of users over time. And now social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are adding Clubhouse-like alternative feature for their platform. And even Spotify is also releasing Clubhouse Alternative App called Spotify Greenroom.

And recently IFF (Internet Freedom Foundation) released a report. According to the report by IFF, Clubhouse is collecting more data than they need to provide its service. IFF shared a detailed report about this. Clubhouse gained over new 2.6 million users just from India after they released the Android version of the App.

According to the IFF report, Clubhouse collects user’s phone numbers, names, Addresses, contact details, they even collect user IP addresses, device name, OS version, and the time that users use the Clubhouse App. Clubhouse also collects user’s Contact list numbers, regardless if they don’t use the app or not.

Clubhouse never mentions that they don’t share this collected data with third-party organizations or government organizations. They also record every conversation, clubhouse says that they delete the record right after the conversation ends.

Janidu Teshan
Author: Janidu Teshan


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