Information on Buying an RC Tank

Information on Buying an RC Tank

RC tanks are great fun for everyone and RC tanks have advanced a lot over the last few years.

Radio controlled tanks come in small mini desktop size to over 2 feet long. Also most hobby grade tanks have movable turrets or can do a 360 degree turn, up and down movements.

Have BB firing plastic ammo, headlights,engine and machine gun sound effects. most have smoke effects from exhaust or turret to make these awesome tank models realistic, RC tanks move by radio control and go forwards, backwards and can climb steep terrains and slopes.

Radio controlled tanks are made of plastic with metal parts throughout and are reasonable tough, most PRO version tanks have upgraded metal tracks with rubber treads attached to them and give a great pull and look so real. Every detail on these RC tanks make them so cool like, a commander figure in tank hatch and lights, sounds markings, guns and even a metal gearbox is now very common.

RC tanks can do battle together or with other tanks, if you have pre select channels you select a different channel to other tank and you’re ready to roll.

These normally run on 27mhz to 40mhz and most have pre select channels on the radio controller.

Heng long is a great radio controlled tank manufacture and make a large range of model tanks from a beginner to pro level and have features like a built in smoke generator or metal gearbox’s and metal tracks +much more make these more reliable and tougher.

The realism of these pro versions is unlimited with quality specifications and all the war tanks like the German panzer tank or bulldog tank,panther tiger tanks are available with all the fine details to make model RC tanks real-like.

A good to remember when buying a RC tank is to make sure parts or accessories are available, so getting smoke pellets or BBs will not be a problem.

Entry level tanks are a good way to get into RC tanks without having to outlay much money. These are smaller versions like 1/30th scale or 1/24th scale models and great to just have a quick tank bash around or for children. they are still a lot of fun with full control and cool sound effects.

There is a Sherman RC tank Pershing that both have the above features and a flashing gun,the 1/24 Abrams RC tank even features a BB firing gun that shoots standard 6mm plastic bbs.

The M4 Sherman tank was the primary tank used by the USA during world war 2, it was also dispatched to the allies and in the UK the M4 was given the name “Sherman” after the union general William Tecumseh Sherman and subsequently the British name found its way into common use in the US.

The M26 Pershing tank was introduced in the last stages of world war 2 as the successor to the M4 Sherman.

Featuring a powerful 50 caliber 90mm gun with a range of 1.400 metres, the Pershing was designed to take on the powerful German tiger and panther tanks.

The M1 Abrams is a modern tank that came in around 1980 and is a well armed and heavily armored and designed for modern ground warfare.

There is a 1/24th scale version of this and fires BB s and all direction turret movement which is controlled by the controller as well as the gun.

Top of the range RC tanks have a upgraded metal track and wheels and a metal gearbox. The metal track + wheels are much more tougher and robust and also gives a better grip and look fantastic. Making the tank more powerful.

You can also paint your radio controlled tank to suit or personalize your own design and heng long make quality pro RC tanks with all these great features.

Either way you’re going to have totally awesome fun with a radio controlled tank and some guys build there own battle ground and add some army figures and create a battle zone.

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