Instagram may start sending 2FA codes via WhatsApp in the near future

As for now, Instagram will let you get your Two-Factor Authentication via an Authentication App, text message, login requests, and backup codes. But Instagram will let you get your 2FA code via WhatsApp real soon, according to a leaker and app analyst  Alessandro Paluzzi.

 This feature is still on development process, but the leaker some how managed to show how this thing is going to work: users need to enable text message authentication toggle for this to work.

This feature will be optional just like current two-factor authentication work, so users can use this method or much safer authentication app instead.

Whatsapp is also working on multi-device support, it might be an excellent alternative to receive 2FA codes to log into Instagram from online even though the user’s main device is off.

Science this feature is still in development, we can’t tell when is this feature is going to be available for users.

Janidu Teshan
Author: Janidu Teshan


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