iOS 14.5 Update Will Fix Your Face ID’s Mask Problem

Apple’s latest iPhone models have only one biometric authentication method that requires your face to unlock your iPhone. But nowadays because of the pandemic, we have to wear face masks almost everywhere. And because of that Face ID is almost not usable in most scenarios. Because of this face mask situation, you have to use your passcode to unlock your iPhone most of the day. Apple thought about this face mask situation and came up with a solution that you can unlock your iPhone even with the face mask on if you have an Apple Watch

With the new iOS 14.5 update, which is still in beta, uses your Apple Watch on your wrist to authenticate you and unlock your iPhone. Apple already offers this unlocking method on Apple Macs, and now it’ll come to the iPhones as well.

This unlock method works almost the same as it works on Macs. When you lift your phone to unlock, you’ll feel haptic feedback on your Apple Watch to notify that your iPhone is unlocked. Both your iPhone and Apple Watch must be closer to each other for this unlock method to work. (If your Apple Watch is locked, this unlock method will not work.) And this Unlock method only works for unlocking the iPhone; App Store, iTunes purchases and Apple Pay still require your Face or Passcode. And for security reasons, you have to put your passcode every few hours even if you turned on the unlock with the apple watch option.

Janidu Teshan
Author: Janidu Teshan


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