iPad 9th gen is now official, features A13 Bionic, Center Stage, and more at $329

During Apple’s California Streaming event today, the company unveiled its next version of the iPad, the iPad 9th generation. In addition to the A13 Bionic, it has new cameras with the Center Stage function, the same design, and many more improvements over the A13 Bionic.

The iPad 9th generation, like its predecessor, focuses on CPU advancements. The A13 Bionic chip is the same as that found in the iPhone XR. It’s 20 percent quicker than the 8th generation iPad and “3 times faster than the best selling Chromebook and 6 times faster than the best selling Android Tablet,” according to Apple’s announcement.

9th generation Apple Pencil compatibility with the iPad

Front-facing display of the iPad 9th generation is the same as the one on the 8th gen. There is, however, a new selfie camera above the 10.2-inch display. It has been upgraded to a 12MP ultrawide sensor and now supports the new Center Stage feature in iPadOS 15. As a reminder for those who may have forgotten, Center Stage Intelligently keeps you in the picture when making video calls. In addition to detecting people and adapting to the environment, it can work in both vertical and horizontal orientations.

Thankfully, the new iPad has the same price as the old one. This is a huge relief. For the 64GB variant, the price starts at $329 – Apple has discontinued the 32GB model. As of right now, you may purchase the new iPad 9. Apple.com has pre-orders for the new iPad. Apple says it’ll be available next week.

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