Leaker Says New Silicon iMac Will Feature Larger Display With Thinner Bezels

Popular leaker l0vetodream recently said that the new iMac redesign will feature a larger screen than the current line of iMac.

The current line of iMac has two screen sizes; 21.5-inch and 27-inch screens. The leaker says the new iMac will have a screen that is Apple’s largest yet, which means there will be an iMac that will feature a larger screen over 27 inches. Maybe Apple is looking to match the Apple Pro Display XDR and create a 32-inch all-in-one machine?

this new iMac will have a new redesign, as the current iMac design is almost 8 years old with giant bezels around.

This new iMac was expected to feature flat sides and slimmer bezels and rounded corners like the 2018 iPad Pro. Back in January, Bloomberg said the new iMac design will look similar to the Pro Display XDR.

And we’ve heard rumors about the small 21.5-inch iMac that will upgrade its display to 24 inches, in addition to the redesign, resulting in a machine that is roughly the same physical size as the current iMac thanks to the supposed shrinkage of the screen bezel.

l0vetodream also said in his tweet that the new high-end iMac will also have a larger screen than the current 27-inch iMac. 27-inch is the biggest iMac that Apple ever made, so this new iMac will be the biggest iMac Apple ever made.

This new iMac lineup is expected to reveal Maybe in the next few months, featuring Apple’s next-gen silicon chip. And we have already seen Apple discontinued the iMac Pro lineup and stopped selling many BTO configurations of the 21.5 inch iMac. As they prepare for the launch of the new product

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