Live Text is no longer an exclusive feature to M1 Macs

Apple’s new image scanning and text recognition feature “Live Text” was previously an exclusive feature of Apple’s latest M1 macs. And now Apple is expanding the availability for their new Live Text feature to all the macs that support macOS Monterey. Apple revealed this in a new developer document on their website.

One user confirms that he was able to use the Live Text feature on his 2008 Mac Pro.

Live Text is a new feature that allows you to extract text and identify what’s in the image, and allows you to interact with the details like phone numbers, address, and more information like that. This Live Text feature was previously an exclusive feature to Apple’s newer iMac, MacBook Pros, MacBook air with the latest M1 chip. 

The new macOS Monterey officially supports Mac all the way back from 2013 according to Apple’s support page. There are two ways this Live text works, on the iPhone, it can extract text even from the live camera and since Macs don’t have a powerful camera like iPhones they don’t scan text from the camera like iPhones, most probably this is the reason that the intel Macs are getting this feature. 

Janidu Teshan
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