Netflix is offering some films and TV series for free

Because of the pandemic, practically everyone now has a Netflix account. The streaming platform slightly plugged in the gap left by closed movie theaters. However, if you’re one of the few stalwarts who hasn’t bought into streaming yet, Netflix has a new promo for you. Starting today, Netflix is offering some films and TV series for free.

When we say “free,” yes, it’s absolutely free. You won’t need an account to watch the limited number of titles available now. Netflix now has a dedicated “watch free” page.

The current list comes with a good number of prolific titles. Netflix promises that the list will always include their “favorite movies and TV shows.” The list includes Stranger ThingsBird Box, and The Two Popes. Additionally, it includes lesser known titles like Murder Mystery and Grace and Frankie. If you run out of titles to watch, “the selection may change from time to time,” according to Netflix.

However, though films are available in their entirety, the listed series will have only their first episodes available. Naturally, the setup entices viewers to purchase an account to access the entire series.

Another caveat: the “watch free” page is available only on desktops and on Android devices. Sorry, Apple users!

Regardless, “free” is still a great price for a bunch of critically acclaimed and award-winning titles. Of the current list, The Two Popes and Stranger Things have received awards nods during their runs.

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