OnePlus is combining OxygenOS with Oppo’s ColorOS

OnePlus announced its integration with Oppo last month. and now OnePlus announced on Friday that they also merging their operating system for their OnePlus smartphones is also merging with Oppo’s ColorOS.

Both OnePlus and oppo’s software will carry on separately and provide their service to individual regions (OxygenOS for OnePlus smartphones globally, and ColorOS on OnePlus phones for China region) but both Operating Systems will share the same codebase.

According to OnePlus this connection with Oppo will let the Company guarantee and provide better Android updates in the future, with this connection OnePlus now can provide 3 years of Android updates to its phones. Samsung is also providing 3 years of Android update to its devices.

OnePlus reviled their new plans for Android updates for its phones.

  • Flagship Models including the T and R models get three years of major Android Updates and four years of security updates.
  • Nord and Nord CE phones get only two years of major Android updates and three years of security updates.
  • Nord N phones will only get one Android update and three years of security updates.

OnePlus 8 and newer Phones will eligible for these new Android update changes.

Janidu Teshan
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