People use Bing to search for Google more than anything: Google

According to a lawyer for Alphabet, Google’s parent company, “Google” is the most searched term on Microsoft’s own search engine Bing “by far.” According to Bloomberg, Google made this argument while trying to have the EU overturn its $5 billion antitrust fine, citing the statistic as proof that people use Google by choice rather than force.

The fine is imposed by the European Commission, which claims that Google abused its position as the creator of Android. According to the regulator, Google will have to stop requiring handset manufacturers to pre-install Chrome and Google search if they want to use Android. What is Google’s argument? That most people would simply use its search engine in the first place.

According to data gathered by SEO firm Ahrefs, the phrase “google” is definitely the most frequently searched term on Bing worldwide. It is followed by “YouTube,” “Facebook,” “Gmail,” and “Amazon,” but it outnumbers the runner-up by around 5 million searches. When only data from the United States is considered, Facebook ranks first, with Google ranking third. At first look, it appears that users are using Microsoft’s Bing search engine to access Google.

But wait a minute. According to Ahrefs data, “bing homepage quiz” is the fifth most searched term in the United States, and “bing” is ranked seventh. The search engine’s name is the ninth most-searched term in the world. What’s going on here?

Part of it, though, could be due to defaults. Bing is the default search engine for Microsoft Edge (and Internet Explorer before it) – if you type something into that bar that isn’t a URL, it will take you to the Bing results page. If you’ve ever seen someone who isn’t particularly adept with computers try to access a webpage, you’ll understand where this is headed. Many people arrive to Google by putting in “Google” and clicking on the first link that appears, and the same is true for Facebook, YouTube, and every other website they try to visit. Why bother putting at the end when you can typically find what you’re looking for with just one more click?

Most techies understand why that isn’t the best option – I’ve personally had to assist relatives who have become infected as a result of a malicious ad that appeared as the first result on Google when searching for a prominent website. However, this is how some individuals utilize the internet. The figures could be boosted further by Bing’s integration with the Start Menu search bar. If you click on one of the online results, you will be taken directly to Microsoft’s search engine.

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