Pixel 6’s Unreliable Fingerprint Scanner is a Feature: Google

Pixel 6’s Unreliable Fingerprint Scanner is a Feature: Google

The Pixel 6 series of phones has been available for a few weeks now, but one of the issues we encountered with both phones was that the in-display fingerprint reader was simply unreliable. Both of our reviewers observed that it was slower to unlock than competing phones and that it sometimes needed pressing your finger twice.

Google has now responded to consumer complaints about fingerprint authentication. Surprisingly, the Made By Google Twitter account essentially stated that it was slower and less dependable due to security concerns:

It’s an intriguing justification for a shaky in-display fingerprint sensor experience, but we can’t say for certain whether Google’s technique improves security over rival devices. But we can state that many phones with in-display sensors (whether optical or ultrasonic) appear to provide a significantly faster and more reliable unlocking experience.

There’s no indication on whether Google will address the Pixel 6 fingerprint difficulties with a software update, but it seems like something the company should look into. But, with this, the phones randomly phoning contacts, and minor screen flickering issues, Google has a lot of work to do.

Janidu Teshan
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