PUBG Mobile New State Release Date

PUBG MOBILE New State Announced: Pre-registrations are now open on Android

PUBG Mobile has shared a trailer for PUBG: New State and a dedicated website has been set up for the same as well. The trailer shows some gameplay, graphics, and some new mechanics that will be present in the game. PUBG: New State is set in the year 2051 and brings new vehicles, weapons, new maps, and more. The game is being published by Krafton, a South Korean video game holding company.

Pre-registrations are open for Android at the moment and according to their website, iOS registrations will open soon.

The king of battle royale was once held by PUBG, but since then many competitors challenged the game with the likes of Fortnite, Apex Legends, Rules of Survival, and the Call of Duty franchise that puts an end to PUBG’s reign as king.

This time, PUBG wants to reclaim its title by releasing a revamped PUBG game which will have a new approach. Based on the trailer, the New State’s theme will be set in the near future after the events of the original game. 

To get that “chicken dinner” a set of 100 challengers will battle in a futuristic map arming themselves with brand new weapons, tactical drones for surveillance, using a combat shield to defend in an open area, and acquiring different load-outs to create perfect guns. There will be new cool-looking vehicles too that players can drive.

The new PUBG mobile will feature ultra-realistic graphics that will push your phone’s gaming to the limit. There will be realistic and dynamic gunplay, new tactics for survival, and a bigger PUBG universe that is set in the future.

As of now, PUBG Studio has not shared an exact release date for the game but a recent leak suggested that it may launch as early as next week. Additional details can be expected in the coming days.

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