Samsung is reportedly working on a triple folding flagship smartphone for 2021

Samsung reportedly working on a dual hinged folding phone. According to a business report form Nikkei, Samsung is working on a dual-hinged smartphone, and hope it’ll unveil before the end of 2021.

Samsung already got a patent for a triple layer of folding design with much bigger display in much smaller phone, would be the basis of this work. According to report, Samsung is taking the foldables as new market for their Samsung Galaxy Note series fans. And Samsung already announced to the inventors they are not planning to release a note series smartphone this year.

Nikkei quotes multiple anonymous sources from within Samsung and the South Korean mobile industry. Their main goal is to make lagger tablet-sized when it’s expanded, it’ll be around 16:9 aspect ratio, which’s the most ideal aspect ratio for the most video contents and requiring much less work from the app developers. And also, Samsung will be can pack a much bigger tablet-like screen in a compact size phone.

Since all the information that talked about earlier is from an anonymous report, it is impossible to say whether all of this will actually happen. But Samsung will not be the first to make a triple folding screen, they will be the first to bring that triple folding smartphone to the mass market. This is most likely will be the company’s flagship, it’ll come with a corresponding price tag.

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