Samsung will Remotely Brick Stolen TVs Using New ‘Television Block’ Feature

Samsung has added a handy function to its Smart TVs to safeguard shops and prevent the unlawful sale of TVs on the black market. Samsung’s South African subsidiary recently introduced a new Television Block option for all Samsung televisions. It allows merchants and authorized staff to remotely disable the functions of stolen televisions.

In an official blog post, Samsung announced the feature. The function is designed to protect the firm’s retailers and prevent the “development of secondary marketplaces linked to the sale of illegal items,” according to the company. As a result, Samsung TV sets obtained through illicit ways will be unable to work correctly once linked to the internet.

To get into the specifics, the TV Block Function has been enabled on all Samsung TVs around the world. By default, it will be switched on. If a user tries to connect a Samsung Smart TV that has been stolen or looted from the company’s warehouse, the serial number of the TV will be identified by the server. It will then remotely disable all of the stolen item’s functions.

If a legal customer’s Samsung TV is accidentally blocked by the company’s server, they can provide evidence of purchase or a valid TV license to get their TVs working again.

Samsung has turned on the remote TV blocking option for all of the TVs taken from its Cato Ridge distribution center in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province. As a result, when an operator connects one of these TV sets to the internet, the corporation will remotely disable the TV set through its server.

“This technology can have a positive impact at this time, and will also be of use to both the industry and customers in the future,” said the Director of Consumer Electronics at Samsung, Mike Van Lier.

“As an organisation we acknowledge the critical role in giving our customers and client the peace of mind. Working together, we can overcome the impact of the unprecedented disruption to business, as experienced by many of us recently. We will continue to review the situation and will make adjustments as necessary to ensure business continuity for all,” Lier further added.

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