Someone just leaked a Windows 11 ISO, and here’s how to install and try it.

We are so close to the Microsoft Windows event, almost everything in Windows 11 has leaked online. The new start menu, taskbar, and many more stuff has leaked online. And you can even download the Windows 11 21996 build right now. Read this article till the end to learn how to install Windows 11 in your device.

Microsoft also confirms that they are going to announce the new Windows 11 on June 14th at 11 AM ET. Microsoft confirms this via the official windows Twitter handle.

Before you download and install this leaked Windows 11 build on your device, this is not the official version of Windows 11, so this may not have all the rumored features and it may also have some bugs. If you not installed this correctly your pc will be unusable. We are recommending install this Windows 11 build on your secondary PC.

First, you need to download the leaked Windows 11 iso image from here. In case if this link is not working you can download it via this mirror link. And also, this leaked Windows 11 iso is a 64-Bit iso file.

Now the installation process. Now you have the Windows 11 iso, now you have to burn that Windows 11 iso image into a DVD or you can just create a bootable USB drive using RUFUS. You can download the RUFUS software from this link.

 Now boot you PC using the DVD or Flash drive you just created with the RUFUS. Installation process is same as the Windows 10, no deference in the installation process between Windows 10 and Windows 11 leaked build.

In case you get an error saying “This PC can’t run Windows 11” or a driver related Error, don’t’ worry, in the next step we’ll show you how to fix that error.

If you get an error saying “The PC can’t run Windows 11” there’s two solution for this. First one is that in order to boot Windows 11 Microsoft has made it necessary to support TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot. So, you have to boot into your PC’s BIOS/UEFI and you have to enable both TPM and Secure Boot, if you done that Window 11 Will Boot without any errors.

The second solution, Download the Latest Build of Windows 10 from Microsoft. You can download the latest build of Windows 10 from Microsoft using this link.

If you downloaded the Windows 10 iso, you can extract the Windows 10 iso using a free tool Like 7Zip. Or you can just right-click on the iso File and select the Mount option. Then the iso file will be mounted as a drive, then go ahead and open the “Sources” folder.

On there select every file except for “install.wim” or “install.esd” . now copy those files and plug your Windows 11 bootable flash drive that you created from RUFUS. Go to the “Sources” folder and replace the existing files with the files you copied from the Windows 10 iso file.

You’ll get a prompt asking that you want to replace these files, select the “Replace the files in the destination” option. And now you’re done. No go ahead and boot your PC with your flash drive and this time you’ll not get an error saying “The PC can’t run Windows 11” or a Driver related error.

Comment below if you have any problems with the Windows 11 installation. Also, feel free to comment if you like the new Windows 11 or not. Keep in mind this is not the final version. So, we’re recommending that install this on your secondary PC or in a virtual machine.

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