Spotify’s New library design will let you find your downloaded content easily

Spotify is tying to make your music library tab easier to navigate. Spotify is going to introduce new dynamic filters, gird line view, the ability to pin content, and different sorting options. These new changes coming to both iOS and android over the next week. Filters will be the most useful part of it, with these filters’ users can ale to filter among artist, playlist, or podcast. Spotify premium users can be able to select to show only downloaded music.

And now users able to pin their favorite 4 artists, playlist, albums, or podcasts, and those pinned content now will be showed up on the top of their content. And finally, users can organize their content’s alphabetical order, recently played, or the creator’s names.

These new changes are isn’t huge, but the downloaded content filter will likely be a useful feature among other features.

Janidu Teshan
Author: Janidu Teshan


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