Ways to Install Mobile Phone Software

Ways to Install Mobile Phone Software

The mobile phone software is embedded in the phone at the time of production. It is also called as firmware. A mobile’s functions are limited to the capacity of the firmware. Each model of the phone has a distinct firmware that distinguishes it from other models. The technology of cell phones manufactured by different companies may also vary. For example, Nokia phones are based on Symbian technology while other phones may be based on Java technology.

Mobile phones can facilitate the installation of third party software. Countless mobile phone software are now readily available. Some may be free while others can be bought. This software caters to a variety of interests, for example:

o Document viewers- to see documents created on MS Office and Adobe Acrobat,

o Image viewers and editors- to see and edit pictures, and

o cell phone games for entertainment

Mobile games comprise of the majority of the mobile phone software available. The most commonly used platforms for these games are

Sun’s Java ME, Qualcomm’s BREW, Symbian OS, Windows Mobile and Palm OS.

Installing Software

There are numerous sites on the Internet from where one can download mobile phone software. These files would either have

o a “.sys” extension, to denote a file which is compatible with Symbian devices, or

o a “.jar” or Java extension which is compatible with most of the cell phones.

One can download these files either directly to the cell phone, or to one’s computer and then one can transfer it to the phone. The former method may be very expensive. In the latter method, after downloading the software to your computer, you can transfer it to your cell phone in any one of the following ways:

a) Through Infrared:

This is one of the simplest ways to transfer a file from a laptop to the phone. Turn the infrared port on. Position your cell phone before the infrared port. A screen will appear wherein you have to select the file to be sent and click on the “Send” button. Once you allow the file to be received, it will be transferred to your phone in the form of an SMS.

b) Through Bluetooth:

If both your phone and computer are bluetooth enabled, you just need to select the mobile phone software to be transferred. Choose your cell phone as the destination for the file to be sent to. Pair both the devices and once the connection is established the file will be transferred to your cell phone as an SMS.

c) Through Data Cables:

You can send the file from the computer to your phone by using the data cable provided by the phone manufacturer.

Mobile phone software is largely responsible for increasing the scope of cell phones.

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