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Windows 10 is getting a big improvement to the Bluetooth audio experience

Microsoft released Windows 10 Insider Preview build 21370 to the Dev channel. There’s not an entire lot that’s changed within the way of front-facing new features, but there are some major changes coming to the Bluetooth audio experience.

From now on, Windows 10 is merely getting to show you one audio endpoint for your Bluetooth peripherals. Previously, you’d have a choice between something like “stereo” and “hands-free AG audio”, as seen within the image below. You’ll not need to fumble through those to work out which one is that the right one. Now, Windows 10 goes to act like all modern OS and just have one choice for your Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

Source : Microsoft Blog

The other Bluetooth improvement is support for Advanced Audio Codec, or AAC. Like many modern formats, it’s all about better quality in a smaller file size.

The Bluetooth improvements are all that Microsoft listed as key new features, but there are some smaller changes as well. The icons within the File Explorer address bar are changed a bit, and there’s a brand new animation for the touch keyboard. The touch keyboard also now shows a backslash if you’re using the Run dialog.

Today’s build is from the co_release branch, although that also doesn’t make it tied to a specific release of Windows 10. Microsoft says that the Dev channel is for people who want to be during a perpetual state of prerelease builds. If you’re using it, meaning that you simply want the newest features all the time. Naturally, you would possibly find yourself sacrificing stability to urge there.

At some point, the new features come off of the Dev channel train and land within the Beta channel. At that time , they’re officially tied to a feature release of Windows 10. The features currently in testing will likely show up within the 21H2 update, although that’s certain yet. Indeed, none of this may land within the Beta channel until Windows 10 version 21H1, or the May 2021 Update, is out the door.

If you would like to see out today’s build, you’ll catch on via Windows Update. If you’re not, you’ll enroll via the Windows Insider Program tab in Settings.

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