Windows 11 leaked online revealing a new UI, Start Menu, Taskbar, and more

Windows 11 has leaked online

Microsoft’s next Windows operating system leaked online today. Screenshots of the Windows 11 operating System published at a Chinese site called Baidu, these screenshots showed the entire windows 11 operating system. Windows 11 will get a whole new user interface and new start menu a lot of things changed in Windows 11.

Windows 11 user interface and start menu look a lot similar to Windows 10X. the biggest change you are going to notice in windows 11 is that now it has a completely redesigned taskbar, the new taskbar will have centered app icons, a new start button, and a menu, they also cleaned up the tray area. This new taskbar kind of similar to one found on the macOS.

Windows 11 User Interface

Windows 11 will get a new start menu too. It a lot simple than the current windows 10’s start menu, the new start menu will not include live tiles, it will include pinned apps, recent files, and the option to quickly shut down or restart.

Windows 11 Start Menu and the Taskbar

You will also be going to notice that windows 11 has a lot of rounded corners throughout the UI. Start menu, file explorer, and a lot of apps will have rounded corners. This is still an early version of Windows 11, so the final version will be different from these leaks.

Windows 11 New File Explorer

And there’s a new icon in the windows 11 taskbar called widgets, some rumors say that Microsoft going to bring back windows widgets, and this leaked version of windows seems to have some.

Windows 11 Widgets

Microsoft has been working on a new app store for windows in the last couple of months, and rumors say that it’ll be going to a huge change over the current app store.

Exisiting App Store on Winowd 11

The Xbox app is now integrated into Windows 11, now it will let you quickly access Xbox Game Pass games, and it’ll also give access to the social parts of the Xbox network and Xbox store.

New Xbox App on the Windows 11
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