You will be able to sideload Android Apps on Windows 11

Microsoft let you install Android apps on the Windows 11, which means that you no longer need an emulator to run your favorite Android apps. But you have to download these android apps via Amazon’s App Store. What if your favorite app is not on Amazon App Store, don’t worry you can side load android apps into Windows 11. An engineer who works for Microsoft confirms on twitter that you can side load Android Apps into Windows 11.          

We don’t know yet that this process will be easier or not, like if this will require a manual process or if this will be easier as you install an APK file on your phone.

If you missed what happened yesterday at Windows Event, Microsoft announces that Windows 11 will let you play Android Apps on x86 and ARM Powered devices. Microsoft partnered up with Amazon for this feature. so, now you can install Android Apps that are on Amazon App Store.

Janidu Teshan
Author: Janidu Teshan


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