Ghost Recon Frontline is a new Free-to-play Battle Royale game from Ubisoft, Matches up to 100+ Players


Do you remember the game Hyper Scape? No? Ubisoft, it appears, does not. The publisher is working on a new battle royale that will transport players to the Tom Clancy universe. The business announced Ghost Recon Frontline on Tuesday. The free-to-play videogame, like many of its contemporaries, will put you and two other partners against more than a hundred other gamers.

If parallels to Call of Duty: Warzone wasn’t enough, Frontline shifts the game from its regular third-person perspective to a first-person one. However, Ubisoft’s Bucharest studio intends to distinguish the game with a change to the battle royale paradigm. You and your team will need to find three pieces of intel spread around an island map in Frontline’s trademark Expedition mode. The twist is that you will need to retrieve that information afterward by requesting an airlift. Other teams may attack you at this critical juncture and steal the data you worked so hard to collect. The playspace will not shrink as the game proceeds.

To put it plainly, Ubisoft’s most recent entry in the franchise, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, was a flop. Because of its incomplete status, the game performed so poorly in its initial week of availability that the firm postponed all of its major 2020 releases. It then spent months fixing Breakpoint, but the game never truly recovered from the bad press it received at launch. Ubisoft stated that it intends to continue supporting Breakpoint while working on Frontline.

Ubisoft did not reveal a release date for Ghost Recon Frontline, but it did announce that a closed PC test would begin on October 14th, with anyone in chosen countries throughout Europe able to sign up by visiting the game’s website.

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