10 Best Free Applocks for Android

Best Applocks for Android 1
Best Applocks for Android 1

Free Applocks apps can be called the most basic security software for any device. It protects your other apps from unwanted access by locking them. You won’t need to be concerned about someone getting access to your banking, Facebook, or gallery apps. They perform best when used in conjunction with a lock screen lock to provide you with two levels of security.

It’s crucial to remember that this is not a perfect security solution. This basically means you are hiding your app from your kid or a snoopy friend. This is not a solution if you have tech-savvy friends. For that you might have to consider using a biometric lock screen or a stronger password for your device.

But there are many apps from various developers. We’ll help you to find the best app lock for your Android.

The best applocks for Android

Apex Launcher  

Free / Premium Available at $3.99

The fact that Apex Launcher has an applock feature makes it a great launcher. The launcher’s features are rather impressive and include a number of customisations, icon pack support, different effects, and the ability to hide some components, such as the dock or status bar, if you wish them to be invisible. Additionally, there are some app security features, such as the capacity to hide programs from the app drawer and an applock feature with a password protection layer for added security.

     Download Apex Launcher / Google Play Store

Applock by DoMobile Lab


One of the greatest applocks available is without a doubt Applock from DoMobile Lab. The app can perform basic tasks like locking down particular programs. Additionally, certain pictures and videos can be locked. Additionally, you may lock things like incoming calls, app uninstallation, and various system services like Bluetooth. It also has fingerprint support. You can use and download the app for free. Either by turning on adverts or by making a gift to purchase the premium version, you can access the premium features. It’s a capable software that ranks among my favourites.

   Download Applock by DoMobile Lab / Google Play Store

Applock by IvyMobile


Applock by IvyMobile carries the capability of locking pictures and videos with their applock. To deter anyone from peeking over your shoulder, the software has a random keyboard and an invisible pattern lock. Additionally, you’ll receive theming, the option to change the app’s icon so you may conceal it, lock frequency, and more. It will even take a selfie/ photo of those who enter their password incorrectly. Another major benefit of this is, it’s totally free.

    Download Applock By IvyMobile

Norton App Lock


Norton is a well-known brand when it comes to antivirus. Their applock for android is totally free and it offers four-digit PIN, password, or pattern lock methods to it’s users. The app also has a list of suggested apps that you may use to determine which apps need to be locked. For those who want a more hands-off approach, that is a fantastic tool. Like most others, it also snaps a picture of anyone attempting to access your phone. Due to Norton‘s reputation we can call this as one of the most reliable applocks out there.

   Download Norton Applock for Android

These are the most reliable applocks for android as per our opinion. Have you got a better one? Let us know in the comments below.

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