Meta Verified being rolled out to brands on Instagram and Facebook

Meta verified is now available for businesses

Businesses on Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp are now able to use Meta Verified.

Mark Zuckerberg indicated that testing will start in a few countries on Facebook and Instagram, with WhatsApp trials scheduled for a later time, starting coming weeks.

How does Meta Verified work?

A monthly membership service called Meta Verified was created to make it easier for corporations and creators to establish a presence on Facebook and Instagram. This package comes with special bonuses and benefits, but it’s only accessible to qualifying profiles.

Why Meta Verified?

By being Meta Verified, brands can boost their authenticity and reputation, which can eventually increase followers’ trust in them and their ability to make confident purchases.

Cost of Meta Verified?

For a single Facebook page or Instagram account, monthly fees start at $21.99; for both, they are $34.99 each.

What is included with a Meta Verified subscription?

  • A verified badge confirming your business authenticity 
  • Proactive impersonation monitoring for added brand protection
  • Access to support and help troubleshooting account issues²
  • New ways to be discovered:
    • On Instagram and Facebook, followers will be highlighted as a Meta Verified business, including showing up at the top of search results or close to it as well as being a suggested verified business to follow in feed.³
    • Additional premium features will be available to WhatsApp business subscribers, such as the option to build a personalized WhatsApp page that is simple to find via a web search and multi-device chat assignment support so that multiple staff may react to clients.
  • To be at least 18 years old.
  • A public or private profile that’s associated with your full name, aligns with naming standards and has a profile picture that includes your face.
  • To meet minimum activity requirements, such as prior posting history.
  • A valid photo ID that matches your profile name and profile picture.
  • Two-factor authentication enabled on your profile.
  • To follow Meta’s Terms of Use and Community Guidelines

A Meta spokesperson said in a statement:

  • “We’re starting with subscription features that help small businesses achieve what they want most on the platform: to establish their brand and be discovered by new customers.”
  • “As we learn from initial testing, we’ll continue to evolve our business offerings to add more value for businesses of all sizes, such as more tools for people to easily discover and engage with verified businesses on our apps.”

You can read Meta’s Verified Business announcement in full for more information.

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