How to create a Telegram bot

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telegram g60cc980b9 1920 1

Telegram has many many cool features more than other chat apps. Creating bots is another main cool feature of the Telegram chat app. Here’s a quick guide for you to learn how to create a telegram bot from scratch.

You can follow this article with any device you have. We are using the telegram desktop app in this tutorial.

First, open your telegram app and search for fatherbot in the search bar. We are using this official bot to create your own bot.

Then select the Botfather in the search result with the verified tick. (The third one is in the above screenshot.) By clicking on start it will show a list of commands.

After that type /newbot and hit enter.

Then it will ask you the name of your telegram bot. Use the tool below for generating a cool name for your bot.

After choosing the name new quiz will ask the user name for your bot. It should be like example_bot. If you type a username already existing username it will be rejected by the bot. ( check the Screenshot below).

After you found a unique username it will show a message like below.

Click on the /help and it will show the bot changing command list. First, you need to add main descriptions and information to your bot.  Type /setdescription in bot father and type the description you want.

You can also use the commands below to add more things to your bot.

Follow the video below to learn another method to create an advanced telegram bot. The article above teaches the most common way.

More cool features in Telegram

1. Multi-account option

You can add many accounts to your telegram app or desktop version easily.

2. Secret chats

After starting a secret chat your chat will be fully encrypted.

3. Night mode auto option

In the auto night, mode option telegram will automatically turn on /off night mode in your app at night and morning.

4. Customizable chat theme.

You can change the chat theme in each chat.

5. Multiple Display Pictures (DP)

Telegram allows adding multiple display pictures to your account.

6. Telegram cloud.

You can use the telegram cloud to store your files in a saved folder easily.

Hope this article is useful to you. Let us know if there’s any support needed from our end from the comments down below. ( Among us names)

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