How to download skins to Minecraft Updated Guide 2022

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This guide will show you how to download skins to Minecraft

Skins are very famous items in the Minecraft community. You may not know they exist if you are a new player. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to know what is known as skins and how to get to use them.

What is a skin in Minecraft?

skins are used to change the appearance of your character in the game. This makes the game unique and interesting. But most of the skins aren’t free of charge. They cost money. But if you use a modded skins pack, you won’t need to pay a penny to the Minecraft company.

But just using a random skin mod on the internet isn’t the right idea if you need free skins. We recommend some secure sources to get your Minecraft skins. So let’s begin learning how to install and use them.

How to select your favorite skins and download them

(add Minecraft version – version of Minecraft)

(the browse button click to browse the skins)

(you get them as a png file)

Step 1:

Go to and browse through the gallery of skins and choose the skin you like.

Step 2:

Click on the skin and the site will ask you “Get the skin” as a popup menu. Click that and download it to your computer. If you choose to install it later, it will be downloaded to your computer most time it will be in your download folder. But if you choose to install now, the website doesn’t give you any download but it will install the skin right away.

Step 3:

(select save)

Open Minecraft and in the settings bar, select skins. Then select the “Upload” button to add your skin to the game. ( this method will only need to be used if you downloaded the skin. If you installed it through the web, dismiss this step)

(skin editor in Minecraft)


Congratulations! you have successfully added the skin to your game. Now select your skin and enjoy the gameplay.

is downloading and using Minecraft skins Legal?

(despite its Minecraft website saying ok to put skins and give the links and docs)

(the official Minecraft website says)

Other best sources that you can get Minecraft skins

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