How to install optfine 1.18 for Minecraft | 2022

Optifine download page
Optifine download page

Optifine is an amazing mod for Minecraft. It adds a ton of new features to the game and improves gameplay in many ways. This tutorial will show you how to install optifine 1.18 on your current Minecraft version.

How to download Optifine

Go to this web address: and on the bottom, hit the download tab to find the version that matches your version of Minecraft. Then press download after that. After downloading the file as a zip or a tar.gz open the file by extracting it.

Installing optifine

after extracting and opening the program, the programme will ask and prompt you, with your existing Minecraft account details. Click next and proceed then the optifine client will install automatically to the system.

Adding the resource pack folder

Open Minecraft and go to Options / Video settings. Then click on the resource pack button on the toolbar and this will open file explorer and you need to select the resource pack that you’ve already downloaded.

Then go back to your  Minecraft directory structure and locate your Resource Packs folder at /Library/Application Support/Minecraft (or wherever else it may be located). Open that folder and drag all of the files inside there into your main game directory (which should be located at ~/Library/Application Support/Minecraft).


How to download and install optifine | enplugged

Enjoy Minecraft

congratulations! now you have successfully downloaded and perfectly installed optifine. You are now ready to have fun in your game with the best 3rd party mods in the Minecraft community.

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