LinkedIn Learning’s most popular courses are freely available until August 31st.

LinkedIn Learning o 2
LinkedIn Learning o 2

Looking to improve your abilities in the second half of the year in preparation for a job change or career advancement?

LinkedIn published a list of the 20 LinkedIn Learning courses that received the most enrolments during the first half of 2022. Additionally, LinkedIn is offering free access to each of these courses through the end of the month, so this may be the ideal time to enrol and brush up on the most recent, in-demand skills in your sector.

As per LinkedIn:

“As the Great Reshuffle slows and the job market cools, professionals are getting more serious about skill building. The pandemic accelerated change across industries, and as a result, skills to do a job today have changed even compared to a few years ago. Professionals are responding by learning new skills to future-proof their careers and meet the moment.”

According to LinkedIn, nearly seven million people have taken part in these 20 courses this year, which cover topics like project management, coding, improved communication, and more.

The top 20 LinkedIn Learning courses available right now are shown below; use the links ( in Red ) to access them:

Goal Setting: Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) with Jessie Withers

When everyone on your team is rowing in the same direction, achieving a goal is simpler. You and your team can collaborate to define specific, attainable goals using the well-known Objective and Key Results (OKRs) methodology. You will be guided by your instructor, Jessie Withers, as you learn how to develop, manage, and measure OKRs in order to comprehend the power of strategic goals.

Excel Essential Training (Office 365/Microsoft 365) with Dennis Taylor

Knowing how to use a spreadsheet may both save you time and give your data new life. Dennis Taylor, an Excel specialist, guides you through mastering fundamental Excel abilities like data organisation and conducting calculations with simple functions before introducing more advanced skills like creating charts and PivotTables.

Interpersonal Communication with Dorie Clark

Many of us are noticing new faces at the physical or online workplace. Perhaps you’re a new team member! You can negotiate the communication aspect of these new interpersonal relationships with the aid of Dorie Clark’s course. She provides guidance and methods for handling intricate and delicate circumstances including interruptions, receiving negative criticism, and intercultural communication.

Cultivating a Growth Mindset with Gemma Leigh Roberts

By studying these courses, you’ve already begun the process of developing a development mindset. The next steps will be outlined in Gemma Leigh Roberts’ course as she offers real-world instances of growth-mindset success that are supported by performance and psychological research. She wraps it all up with practical guidance you can utilise as you acquire a growth mindset.

Project Management Foundations with Bonnie Biafore

Whether it’s our own personal to-do lists or significant corporate tasks, we all have projects to manage. Bonnie Biafore will instruct you on the essentials of project management, including setting precise project goals and objectives, meeting deadlines, and closing out projects, regardless of the size of the job. Tips on how to communicate with your project team in an effective manner are dotted throughout the course.

Using Questions to Foster Critical Thinking and Curiosity with Joshua Miller

Forget the classic cat and curiosity story. When applied strategically, curiosity can guide that cat to the C-suite. To obtain the information you require, it all depends on how you use your curiosity and the questions you pose. Joshua Miller discusses the significance of curiosity in this course, as well as how critical thinking helps one ask the appropriate questions that lead to opportunities. He also examines the function of social media in posing queries and looks at how to properly respond to provocative queries.

Essentials of Team Collaboration with Dana Brownlee

Teams work more successfully when there are shared goals and clear expectations. Dana Brownlee, a corporate trainer and author, will discuss how to maintain team cohesion by examining team members’ communication styles, outlining team and individual goals, and fostering opportunities for collaboration.

Unconscious Bias with Stacey Gordon

Unconscious bias influences how we communicate and make decisions at work, and if it goes unchecked, it can help create a toxic office environment. Stacey Gordon, a diversity specialist, will assist you in recognising some of the most prevalent types of unconscious bias and provide you with tactics for successfully resolving these biases both inside of yourself and within your business.

Learning Python with Joe Marini

Python is the one programming language you should learn. The development of mobile apps, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and other fields all employ this flexible, simple-to-learn, object-oriented language. Developer Joe Marini explains the fundamentals of Python syntax and provides a sample of how to write and execute a straightforward Python program. Additionally, you will learn how to read and write files, work with dates and timings, and get and parse HTML, JSON, and XML data from the web.

Communicating with Confidence with Jeff Ansell

Even the most skilled communicators can have confidence issues, and confident people may have trouble communicating clearly. Jeff Ansell will walk you through learning and improving this crucial business ability in this course. How to organise your thoughts, how to communicate ideas more effectively using body language, and how to deal with worry are some of the subjects covered.

Speaking Confidently and Effectively with Pete Mockaitis

In this episode of the podcast How to Be Awesome at Your Job, professional speaker Diane DiResta joins Pete Mockaitis to discuss strategies for creating engaging and educational presentations centered on the audience’s priorities. The topic of confidence-building techniques, using tone and body language to convey a consistent message, and creating a strategy to recover from the worst-case scenario incident are all covered in the discussion.

Learning the OWASP Top 10 with Caroline Wong

Our danger of security breaches rises as we handle more data. Caroline Wong, an expert in application security, offers an overview of the Top 10 security dangers identified by the 2021 Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), providing details on their frequency and effects. This course is instructive for everyone who makes decisions that affect the resources of a department responsible for data security inside an organization, not just data security experts.

Power BI Essential Training with Gini von Courter

The value of data depends on the insights it provides. Put your data to use with the help of this training course on Power BI, the business analytics software that enables you to produce and distribute powerful visualisations throughout your organisation. Gini von Courter walks through the process of importing data, producing visualisations, and organising those visualisations into reports in this course. Additionally, you will learn how to use Power BI Desktop’s data modelling features as well as Power BI Mobile.

Strategic Thinking with Dorie Clark

Although some may make fun of 4D chess, being able to think strategically in both space and time will give you a competitive edge and help you advance – and up – in your profession. Dorie Clark will instruct you on how to adopt a strategic mentality, how learning from the past can influence your vision of the future, how to be specific in your strategic thinking, and how to impart this talent to your team in this course.

SQL Essential Training with Bill Weinman

Anyone working in tech industry would benefit from knowing SQL, the most widely used database language. SQL is necessary for database wrangling. Bill Weinman, a proponent of technology and a programming guru, demonstrates the key components of SQL using SQLiteStudio, a user-friendly and approachable database administration program. You will gain knowledge in the foundations, including how to make tables, describe relationships, and work with strings, numbers, and dates. The final chapter also provides a practical example of how to create a straightforward application using SQL.

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence with Gemma Leigh Roberts

Learning emotional intelligence is a talent that should be pursued. You will learn what emotional intelligence is, why it matters in the workplace, and how to improve your own emotional intelligence from executive coach and organisational psychologist Gemma Leigh Roberts. She walks you through topics like how to better understand your own triggers and how to balance your intentions and impacts in order to forge enduring and helpful relationships.

Communication Foundations with Brenda Bailey-Hughes and Tatiana Kolovou

Success in the workplace depends on effective communication. Brenda Bailey-Hughes and Tatiana Kolovou will lead you through this course as you learn how to speak more clearly in meetings, emails, pitches, and presentations. The four pillars of communication—people, message, context, and listening—as well as practical applications for each will be covered in this course.

Agile Foundations with Doug Rose

Your team will be better equipped to respond to any situation with an agile attitude. You follow Doug Rose as he walks you through the foundations of creating an agile team. You’ll discover how to improve communication with user stories and cross-functional teams, as well as the values and guiding principles outlined in the agile manifesto. Doug also offers workouts that can increase the productivity and agility of your team.

Digital Marketing Foundations with Brad Batesole

Digital marketing is ever-evolving. Platforms come and go, fashions come and go, and then something new appears. The course’s instructor, Brad Batesole, walks you through how to design your value proposition, find your target market, set goals, and construct KPIs after providing an overview of the fundamentals of online marketing.

Critical Thinkinwith Mike Figliuolo

You will become a better decision-maker and a more dependable resource inside your organisation if you learn to think critically and address fundamental causes of problems. You may improve your critical thinking abilities by understanding how to describe the problem you’re trying to solve, according to leadership trainer and specialist Mike Figliuolo. Mike will then instruct you in a variety of critical thinking techniques that you may use to solve issues more effectively. He also offers advice on how to help your team as a whole develop this talent.

If you’ve been considering up-skilling, now might be the moment. Alternatively, it might be worthwhile to take a few programming courses, for example, to improve your ability to collaborate with other departments on projects.

Through the links above, the courses are free until August 31st.

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