Phone Idle Battery Drain; Why and How to Fix?

Battery Drain
Battery Drain

You know the mobile device uses its battery when the phone is in use. But when the battery drains when the phone is idle, it is somewhat unusual and is something to be concerned about. When we surf through the search engines, we see a lot of people facing this problem and looking for a solution for it.

So in this article, we will discover the causes of this problem and the tips and tricks you can use in order to fix the battery draining problem when the phone is idle.

What really happens when the phone is idle?

When we discuss this situation, you need to understand that the phones are never idle unless it is switched off. The system and the background applications always run in the background causing the battery to drain.

A phone idle or phone standby is a process app linked to your mobile sleep and open use of connectivity from networks and links like cellular data and signal connection of your smartphone.

The work of this program is to keep connected to networks to receive data or messages and calls so as to notify you at that time when the phone is in sleep mode or in your hands; it is a background process that is running continuously without a break when SIM is kept inserted.

These are the most common reasons for battery draining.

  • It takes a lot of power to run apps in the background.
  • There are a lot of things that will drain the battery if you leave them on, like Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, and mobile data.
  • Apps like Messenger, Gmail, and Whatsapp do a lot of refreshes to make sure you don’t miss any messages.
  • Auto-updating apps will keep draining your battery, even if you turn them off.
  • Phones that have to keep looking for stable radio waves will use up their battery.
  • Keep your GPS on at all times.
  • Use animated wallpapers
  • Keep your phone on vibrate and ring at all times.
  • If you don’t have the original charger, you can use any other charger you like.

What uses the most battery on your phone?

Every mobile phone is running on a battery. So you have to understand that almost every part of your phone uses the battery power to keep it alive.

Usually, what uses and the highest percentage of the battery is the device’s display. So as long as the screen is off, longer battery life can be expected.

When the phone is running on a high CPU percentage, it drains the battery at a higher percentage than usual. So at first have to understand that the phone uses a battery for running software inside its CPU. So when that software is limited, the battery saving percentage will definitely decrease.

How to fix idle battery drain?

We’ve described the most common and uncommon reasons for the battery draining problem in your mobile. So just knowing the causes does not help you. So here is how you can fix the issue in just 02 minutes of time.

The following methods are tested and working. So do not hesitate to use these tips, and these settings do not affect the phone speed or something else.

Clear the cache.

Delete the Device Health Services app’s cache and data, and then reset Adaptive Brightness to default while you’re there.

The large idle battery drain stopped when we did this, and when we went from 100% to 85%, the screen on time was over 1.5 hours, so it can’t be a coincidence.

Close background applications.

Before turning off the screen, close all background applications which are not needed. It will clean up the RAM making the battery usage lower than usual.

There are a lot of programs that deplete our power without us even realizing it because we don’t check to see what’s operating in the background.

Go to your battery use and see which app is taking the most juice, then go to individual app settings and block background running for that particular application.

Simply restart.

If you gonna sleep without turning off the phone, then do a simple restart to clear up the cache and the other unwanted files generated in the memory, which can lead to draining the battery.

Remove unwanted APPS.

Check for the applications that use the battery in high percentages, and uninstall those applications if you really don’t need them.

Turn off auto-updates.

When you have turned on the auto-updates, the device always keeps looking for the updates for its applications when you are connected to the internet.

So, to prevent this, you must turn off auto-updates to the system and third-party applications. But don’t forget to update the software manually when an update is released to prevent security issues and to get the best out of that software.

Putting the phone into Airplane mode

Even if your phone is turned off, background processes like network (Cell Standby) continue to run in the background. Therefore switching to airplane mode should reveal any changes.

Try resetting your phone.

Well, it may not sound like a legitimate remedy, but trust me, sometimes restarting your phone might solve the problem. If you suddenly encounter this issue, make a backup of your data and do a factory reset; if this works, you won’t have to deal with it again.

How much battery power does a typical overnight charge consume?

As a result of its background apps processing, the battery drains 10% overnight. Apps that operate in the background can eat up a lot of battery life.

If the proportion of your phone’s battery draining ranges between 8 and 12 percent, there is nothing to worry about.

If it’s losing more than a third of its battery life, it’s possible that the battery or the phone’s software is malfunctioning.

Occasionally, a software upgrade to the phone system can cause the phone’s battery to deplete more quickly. Your problem will be resolved in a few days after the next update is released, so please be patient.

Can a phone case drain your battery?

Even though all phone cases do not deplete your battery, some that are particularly thick and substantial may. Even the greatest battery cover for a cell phone would be deemed bulky if linked to a phone.

At what percentage should I charge my phone?

What is the best time to recharge my smartphone? As a general rule of thumb, aim to keep your battery charged between 30 and 90 percent of the time.

Ensure that it’s at least 50% full before plugging it in again. As a result, you may want to rethink leaving it plugged in overnight.

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