Twitter experiences longest global outage in years

twitter down 1
twitter down 1

Twitter is completely unavailable to users worldwide on both web and mobile during one of Twitter’s longest outages in years.

The service stopped working at 12:55 PM UK time, according to, a website that monitors site outages. The website appears to have crashed everywhere; disruptions have been reported in the US, the UK, Europe and Some parts of Asia as reported.

The outage is expected to last the longest it has in years. Although older users remember the “fail whale” error message that appeared when the service was over capacity, Twitter has not experienced a multi-hour outage since 2016, when it was unavailable for two and a half hours. However, Twitter was infamous for collapsing under heavy load in its early days.

Since then, the site’s relevance to politics and society on a worldwide scale has only increased. A prolonged outage might even significantly influence the Conservative party’s leadership contest, whose candidates have been trading jabs since Boris Johnson announced his resignation last week.

A request for comment from Twitter has not received a response. The social network and all associated services are incorrectly labeled as “functioning” on the website’s status dashboard.

Await for more details.

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