WhatsApp Introduces Screenshot Protection for View Once Media

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From the beginning, WhatsApp’s top priority has been privacy. and now WhatsApp is introducing some cool new privacy features.

The first of three major privacy features is that you can now leave a group chat silently, which means that you can leave a group chat without noticing others except the group admins; only the admins receive notification that you left the chat.

The next privacy feature that we’ve all been wanting for a long time is the ability to control who can see your online status and last seen status. You can choose to see everyone, just your contacts, your contacts with exceptions, or nobody at all. By the end of this month, all WhatsApp users will have access to these features.

And the next update is important; WhatsApp long ago introduced the view once feature, which is similar to Snapchat’s snaps, but there was a big weakness: you could screenshot these view once photos without noticing the sender. And now, the WhatsApp team is working on preventing screenshots of view once photos or videos; they stated that this feature is almost finished but did not specify when it will be available to all WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp is also launching a campaign to educate users about these new layers of security and how to keep user conversations private, which you can join to stay up to date on WhatsApp’s new privacy features.

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