Why Does My Phone Keep Clicking Random Things?

Why Does My Phone Keep Clicking Random Things 1
Why Does My Phone Keep Clicking Random Things 1

Usually, your phone keeps clicking on random things because of an issue with its touch screen. So when there is damage to your screen, it automatically keeps clicking on things in the area of the damage.

The other reason can be software or a hardware glitch, which happens due to a storage problem or a spyware attack.

In this article, we discuss almost everything you need to know about the touch screen problem on your mobile phone. So we invite you to stick around until the end to find out what you’ve been looking for.

How do I fix Ghost Touch?

When fixing the ghost touch on your mobile phone, you must know what causes the ghost touch.

So in this case, the first thing you have to do is closely look for any damage or cracks on the screen. If you are using a screen protector and you notice nothing, then it may not be because of a damaged touch screen.

  • Check for overheating problems.

One of the other reasons for ghost touch is overheating problems. When the touch screen is heated much more than normal, the screen functions will not work as normal.

So, in this case, touch the screen and feel the heat. If you feel high heat from the screen, then turn off the phone and let it cool down for some time.

After the screen has cooled off, turn on the device back and check whether the problem persists or not. If the problem persists, then check for storage.

  • Check for storage problems.

The Android system needs an amount of free space in your mobile to run system functions smoothly. So when the storage is full, the system fails to perform as normal and then the problems like ghost touch can occur. So if the phone is out of memory then rest it or restart the phone after cleaning out unwanted apps and data in it.

  • Check for malware on your computer.

Malware infections may be the cause of Ghost touches on Android. Tap your profile picture after opening the Google Play Store app. To determine whether your device has any harmful apps, choose Play Protect.

Additionally, select Storage under Settings. Remove unnecessary app data, duplicate files, and junk files by clicking the Cleanup button.

Can a cracked screen cause ghost touch?

Because your phone will begin acting as if you were the one touching the screen, this is referred to as “ghost touching.” This occurs as a result of the harm the cracked screen has caused.

Use of a phone with a cracked or broken screen is one risky thing you should avoid. When you use your device with a cracked screen, you endanger both yourself and the internal workings of your phone.

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How do you know if your phone has a virus?

You should fix your phone as soon as you can if you discover that it is infected with a virus. Put the device in airplane mode first. By doing this, malicious apps won’t be able to receive or send data.

Check your most recent app installations next. Delete any that have a low number of downloads, a history of low ratings, or unfavorable reviews on the Google Play Store or the App Store. Any potentially malicious applications from your device should be eliminated by this.

  • Faster battery drain or a slower phone.

Slower devices are frequently an indication that your operating system is out-of-date or that you are running out of storage.

Malware, however, represents a more serious threat. A virus can get onto your phone through a dubious link you clicked on or by being concealed inside an app you downloaded.

  • Every aspect “feels off.”

A digital virus can negatively affect every aspect of a device’s performance, much like a human virus can affect our entire body.

For instance, it might make apps crash, websites load more slowly, or your battery lose its ability to hold a charge.

No matter how many reboots you perform or how many large files you delete, overall performance is still sluggish.

  • Sending messages to your contacts.

Some mobile viruses will send contacts on your phone messages containing links to malicious software.

Your contacts’ phones will also be infected if they click on these links and download any apps.

  • Hacking of search engines.

Your phone’s search results might be suddenly redirected to unknown search engines or websites.

Is it challenging for you to return to your default browser or search engine? You undoubtedly have a virus.

  • It’s hot to the touch on your device.

Your device’s internal components start working harder right away to support any malware or viruses that you unintentionally download. Your device might become overheated or feel warm to the touch as a result of this.

  • Abnormal data usage –

The internet is required for malicious applications to send and receive information from their developers.

You can check how much data your apps are using on your phone; keep an eye out for any that are using more than you’d anticipate.

  • Significantly decreased battery life

A “bugged” or poorly written app could be the cause of your device’s poor battery life. It might also indicate that your phone has a virus, though.

Can a cracked phone leak radiation?

First of all, a cracked phone screen presents a fire risk, and secondly, you run the risk of radiation exposure.

Even the Samsung Health and Safety Warranty Guide advises against using your phone if the screen becomes compromised because it may injure you.

Will replacing my screen fix ghost touch?

Yes, you should take your phone to a repair shop. They can replace the touch panel or the entire touch digitizer display assembly.

It would be relatively inexpensive to replace just the touch panel, but replacing the entire assembly would be prohibitively expensive.

Are phone screens toxic?

The researchers examined 362 commonly used liquid crystal monomers and discovered that nearly 100 of them could be toxic.

They also tested the toxicity of monomers found in six popular smartphone models. The monomers emitted by smartphones posed a risk to animals and the environment.

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