You Have Been Blocked From Originating Messages To; Causes and Fixing.

“You have been blocked from originating messages to” notification usually comes when the recipient of the message blocks you from sending text messages to them.

So the option you have is trying to send the same message again. But if it still fails and shows the same notification again, the following tricks will help you diagnose the issue and fix it on your own.

You have been blocked from originating messages to this number; causes.

As I have mentioned above, there many possible reasons for this problem. The following are some of those causes that we’ve identified so far.

The first step after receiving this error is to determine if it affects all of the numbers or just a single one. There are a few possible causes and solutions if this happens when sending messages to a specific phone number.

The rest of this brief will focus on this topic. However, if this problem is present in all of the phone numbers, the phone or the service provider may be to blame. Here are a few ideas to get you started in the right direction.

  • Problem with your carrier or your phone.

It’s likely a problem with your phone or your carrier if you receive this message when attempting to text everyone on your phone’s contact list.

Because the phones were tied to a single provider, the carrier didn’t allow texting to be added to their plan. In this case, the only solution was to contact their service provider and have their phone number checked.

  • If you are using a new plan,

Make sure the phone number on your profile with the carrier matches the one on your device if it’s a new phone or new plan. Glitches like this infrequently occur when the carrier makes a mistake.

In the unlikely event that this occurs, you’ll need to contact your wireless provider to have the problem resolved.

  • Check for your message settings.

If you have issues with your phone’s settings, this message will appear and cannot send messages to ###. As a result of incorrect text-related settings, you may not be able to send text messages.

  • Check for third-party applications.

Google apps may cause some text messaging issues; in fact, a number of Google apps on your phone may block texts to and from a specific number if one Google app is blocking text messages.

  • Check your number for spam.

Alternatively, someone may have spoofed your phone number, resulting in your number being added to the carrier’s spam database and preventing you from sending messages.

The chances of this happening are extremely slim, but if it does, you may have to file a Notice of Dispute or use the carrier’s spam contesting form in order to have the offending numbers removed from your list.

  • Check whether there are any location restrictions.

You should also make sure that the problem isn’t limited to a single location. If you or the recipient frequently switch zip codes or are in an area with poor network coverage, your text messages may be lost.

  • Check your balance.

You may have reached the messaging limit. So, before calling customer service, make sure you have enough text messages and that your account isn’t restricted. If you are unable to access this, customer service can assist.

How to fix “you have been blocked from originating messages”?

It is no use to just talk about the causes without focusing on the solutions. So the following are the top solutions that we’ve tested and proved to work in case of resolving this issue.

  • Type in the recipient’s number.

Now, if you’re sure it’s your phone. Rather than using the contact list, manually enter the number and send a text. You can also write it down and remove it from your contacts.

System updates or software bugs can corrupt your contact list numbers. So, try manually entering the number and see if the error is automatically fixed. Delete the contact and re-enter it manually.

  • Text from another phone.

The recipient may flag or block your number. Try texting the same number from a different phone to see if the problem is with your phone or the recipients.

Try inserting the Simcard into another phone compatible with the carrier to see if the problem persists.

This will help you rule out your phone as the source of the problem. If the other phone doesn’t have the same issue, move on to the next step.

  • Restart.

Restarting the phone fixes some major app issues. After resetting the messaging app, you must reset the phone. This will auto-refresh the app and fix most issues.

  • Restart or reset the messaging app.

We are currently having issues with certain built-in applications. Although rare, some application issues can affect how you send and receive messages. So, check and restart the app.

If these two solutions don’t work, you must restore the messaging settings to factory defaults.

This should fix the message sending issue. It will also fix any other issues you may have with messaging.

  • Verify network settings.

Network settings can also affect how you send and receive text messages. Turn on auto network selection in the network settings.

Most users overlook this crucial feature. It automatically connects you to the nearest tower for better and more stable connections. You will likely have the same issue if the network is unstable.

  • Verify the firmware.

Firmware updates are usually released to fix bugs in previous versions. Automatically upgraded features provide better functionality.

So, make sure the firmware is up to date and working correctly. Set the firmware updates to “auto-update.” This ensures you get the latest updates and reduces the likelihood of future inconveniences.

  • Calm down, you all.

This can occur due to carrier issues. After exhausting all other options, this should be the last resort. Your service may be suspended if you text too much.

The carrier’s customer service will be able to answer some questions. The carrier may be performing system maintenance, causing the errors.

  • Instruct the recipient to contact the service provider.

If none of the solutions work, ask the recipient to call the carrier to check on the account. The carrier could propose better solutions. Continue to the final solution if this fails.

  • Reset the Phone.

Resetting someone’s phone isn’t the best idea because basic settings and data may be lost. But if this is the only solution, especially if you value texting, you may have to.

But save all necessary data to iCloud or an external source before resetting the phone. Then go into settings and reset the phone to factory settings.

What message do you get when a text is blocked?

When you block someone from texting you, their texts are ignored. They will not be notified that they have been blocked, and their messages will appear to have been sent. But you won’t get any of them, and you won’t be able to respond to any of them.

Do text messages get delivered if blocked?

Do blocked texts go through when unblocked?

Text messages (SMS, MMS, iMessage) from blocked contacts (phone numbers or email addresses) are not displayed on your device. When you unblock a contact, it does not show you any messages sent to you while it was blocked.

How do I turn off message blocking on Android?

Go to Settings and then tap on More in the upper right corner. Then, beneath the Permissions section, you’ll see a drop-down menu with three options for sending premium SMS. Finally, select the option that is most convenient for you.

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